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CD & Digital Download! Your soul will emerge as this soothing music takes you on a spiritual journey. Featuring eight peaceful songs composed specifically for meditation. Perfect soundtrack for yoga, massage therapy, and other activities requiring a calming presence.

This album will surely become a new favorite in your collection of relaxing music.  Why listen to music that will only plant seeds of negativity into your subconscious? There is music in this world that can bring about positive change, inspiration, and assist you in getting back on purpose! If you are feeling lost and confused with nowhere to turn, this album will be a reminder that you are never alone in this amazing world. It will remind you that beauty is everywhere, but first, you must open your eyes.

Don't be afraid to let go of any suppressed emotions while the music floods your mind with love and compassion. An emotional purge is a healthy part of life and often music can be a catalyst for that cleansing process to commence. The shedding of emotional scars will heal your soul and such moments often lead to significant personal growth. Like a baby bird about to take flight for the first time, your soul will be ready to fly once again.

Featured Songs:

Emerald Stream

Emerald Stream Sample


Dreaming Sample

Choose Peace

Choose Peace Sample

Be Yourself

Be Yourself Sample


Emerging Sample

Never Give Up

Never Give Up Sample

Shy Note

Shy Note Sample

Take Flight

Take Flight Sample