Nature Bliss

Nature Bliss

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CD & Digital Download! Soothing music, authentic nature sounds and originality coalesce in a spiritual masterpiece. This 5 track album is composed specifically for meditation, 25 minutes of audio.

Featured Songs:

Ethereal Thunder - Spiritual instrumental music in the midst of a thunderstorm. Your soul will love this mysterious yet relaxing environment.

Ethereal Thunder Sample

Wind Chimes - The first warm winds of spring arrive and the chimes engage in a mysterious dance. A thunderstorm builds in the distant field on this mid western farm until the winds die leaving only single rain droplets, and no thoughts in your mind.

Wind Chimes Sample

Lapping Shore - A blue moon is rising high in the eastern sky and the strong magnetic pull is manifesting the high tide. Sitting next to the lake meditating you absorb the energy feeling refreshed and renewed.

Lapping Shore Sample

Bubbling Spring - Backpacking through the desert, you stumble upon a miracle, a fresh water spring! As this find is too good to leave, you set up camp, unwind, and meditate until yawning fast asleep.

Bubbling Spring Sample

Whale Song - A lone blue whale sings with passion in this emotionally awe inspiring track.

Whale Song Sample