Meditation Mantras
Meditation Mantras

Meditation Mantras

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CD & Digital Download! If you are unable to detach from the thinking mind for your daily meditation, try using meditation mantras. The Meditation Mantras album features the following mantras: Fearlessness, Freedom, Happiness, Forgiveness, and Compassion. This album has 25 minutes of audio.

Featured Mantras:

Fearlessness - Confront your fears and show them that you are not afraid in this fearlessness meditation.

Fearlessness Sample

Freedom - Let your soul be free and journey through the universe in this uplifting mantra meditation.

Freedom Sample

Happiness - Start your happiness with this positive mantra meditation based on being joyous. You really can choose to be happy and this audio will help you release your inner hidden happiness.

Happiness Sample

Forgiveness - No matter the mistakes or mishaps in your past, this forgiveness mantra meditation heals all.

Forgiveness Sample

Compassion - Cultivate compassion for all living things in this mantra meditation.

Compassion Sample