Qigong (pronounced Chee-Gong) is an ancient Chinese practice used to activate, unblock, and thereby achieve balance at energy centers in the body known as Chakras.

By becoming one with our breath and simultaneous effortless motion, Qi also referred to as Chi, will flow throughout the entire body restoring perfect health.

It's no wonder why people of all ages in China gather together each morning to practice this therapeutic art form.

To learn Qigong Meditation is incredibly easy. Believe it or not, the most important posture to the art is called "standing like a tree" in which, you guessed it, you remain very still, shoulders relaxed, knees ever so slightly bent, mimicking a tree.

In the video below, I was hiking in the Appalachian Mountains, discovered a massive rock and spontaneously decided to engage my body in Qigong Meditation. Ideally, Qigong is practiced barefoot to pull energy from the ground and help cleanse the body with fresh Qi (Chi), but it was well below freezing on this day so my shoes remained on!

Once I finally settled my body down by shaking out my arms to relieve tension (and breathe on my hands to warm them up!) I always start by standing like a tree. As my breathing relaxes, I will coordinate my arms and Qigong motion with each breath. Some try to imagine a string from which each wrist hangs, like a puppet.

It's very simple. Raise your hands from your waist palms facing up on inhalations to somewhere slightly above your chest or wherever feels right that moment (they're are NO rules!), turn your hands over so that your palms are facing down to the ground as you slowly exhale.

Do this with each inhalation and exhalation, slowly, and relaxed.

This is all required to develop a foundation for a successful Qigong practice.

So, why should YOU start practicing Qigong Meditation if you already know how to meditate traditionally?

The ability to access a very powerful energy center known as the Root Chakra is reason number one. The Root Chakra is at the location of the groin and Qigong is able to tap into that energy source, break it up, and share the abundance of energy with the other Chakra locations which may be energy starved.

That leads to reason number two, the restoration of balance throughout the entire body. If you are suffering from an ailment that modern medicine is unable to heal, it may be due to a blocked Chakra.

Just because you cannot SEE a Chakra does not mean they do not exist. Chakras absolutely, positively, 100% exist and are vital to our health and well-being.

Reason number three, based on my experience, traditional cross-legged sitting meditation is phenomenal at opening the Third Eye and Crown Chakra locations. However, accessing the Chakra locations below the head is very difficult, at least for me.

Qigong works in a bottom-up premise so that the Root, Sacrum, Heart, and Throat Chakra centers are actived or receive fresh Qi ahead of the Crown and Third Eye. This enables what is known as Kundalini, a moment in which all Chakra centers are activated and functioning in balance and harmony.

You'll know that you have reached Kundalini when your body is warm and every cell within is active, yet more relaxed than ever before. I'm convinced that the state of Kundalini is capable of healing any dis-ease.

You may feel silly the first time you set out to practice Qigong, and perhaps you will feel most comfortable somewhere that no one can see you. But, eventually, results will appear and you will understand why I am sharing this wonderful healing art with you.

With Love ~ Shane