Beginner Meditation

Meditating under my warm comforter in bed, I am filled with love and gratitude. As I scan the room before me visible only by the dancing flame of the apple spiced candle my heart warms. To the west, Lao Tzu looks in my direction with his loving, enlightened, porcelain grin. To the south, a painting of white lilies. To the north, The Buddha meditating under the Bodhi tree. This room may be all of one-hundred feet squared, but this space... it's infinite. I see the beauty, magic, and limitless potential within all things.

There is nothing sweeter than meditating. My name is Shane and I will be your meditation non-guru. Consider me a kind of middle man. Between Earth, and the stars. It can be frustrating listening to audio, or reading text from spiritual teachers that lived thousands of years ago. They reside in a state of mind far off into space, a place where you would like to be. Meanwhile, you are here in the modern world, standing on Earth attempting to apply their wisdom in your own life. The concepts you hear or read may be lost in translation leaving you with the feeling that you will never learn to meditate, or be fulfilled. That's where I come in, hovering somewhere above Earth but not quite into space, heavenly meditated.

When I first began the practice of meditation, I recall sitting cross-legged in front of a fire pondering: "Am I meditating?" This is a very common question that those new to meditation will ask and for good reason as verbally explaining meditation is like that old Chinese saying: It's like the finger pointing to the moon, if you look at the finger, you can't see the moon. Meditation is a unique experience to each of us so let's jump in and develop the foundation you will need to jump start your meditation practice.

Nature Bliss - Meditation Music Based On Nature Sounds.

Beginner Meditation Questions


Over the past few weeks, I've had the privilege of conversing with a new friend on facebook who is learning to meditate. I think the conversation contains a lot of common questions for many people who are just starting out with meditation.


Ashley: Thank you. I do have a question though. Do you have any beginner meditation techniques that you have used lately?


Me: The best technique is to say "I AM LOVE" when first sitting to meditate, this will latch on to any thoughts you may have and override them!


Me: I use this technique everyday, it's simple, kind of cheesy, but for whatever reason it works like a charm.


Me: Scientifically, it has something to do with the fact that we are 60% water, and the word "love" changes water molecules, it's been proven by Masaru Emoto.


Me: I actually made this beginner meditation video last week, it might help ya, warning very boring!!! But, it's a real and raw meditation I do daily.


Ashley: Cool, thanks Shane! Also, what's the third eye and how do you open it?


Me: Focus on the area between your eyebrows while meditating to open your third eye, may take a couple months but totally worth it!


Me: Oh and the 3rd eye is simply a chakra location, where energy enters and exits the body, it was the first one to open for me and most people.


Me: Not to be confused with the Pineal Eye aka Pineal Gland which is a small organ within our brain that everyone needs to activate and nurture by drinking water without added fluoride as fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, hence killing it.


Me: So, stop drinking tap water immediately unless you have a filtration system capable of removing fluoride. Your teeth will be just fine without it : )


Me: I drink Aquafina as it has the lowest fluoride levels of the bottled water options as seen here on this chart.


Me: Yes, there may be leached plastic in the water from the bottle but I view fluoride as the greater danger. And, I always, always, always recycle every bottle.


Ashley: Thank you! I've always been confused about chakras and the pineal gland.


Ashley: All of this is helping me realize how anxious I am. It's hard to sit still. But it will get better.


Ashley: Quieting my mind is super hard. Being still is harder because sometimes I am waiting for 15 minutes to be over, rather than meditating. Hopefully, it will help my anxiety.


Me: Anxiety is an old friend of mine, I think Wayne Dyer said "go find me a bucket of anxiety." It's all thoughts, just thoughts, and that's ok.


Me: It's also fear...


Me: In my past, I would have panic attacks at the checkout line in grocery stores knowing social interaction was required. Ugh!


Me: Thoughts = fear. Where love exists fear cannot. Therefore, scientifically, if I say "I am love" fear cannot enter, nor anxiety.


Me: Sitting to meditate for 15 minutes is waaaay to long at first, maybe try 5 mins.


Me: And, those thoughts that pop up, don't OWN them! Just sit back and observe them.


Me: By taking ownership of thoughts, we keep the metaphorical hamster on the wheel by thinking, thinking, thinking.


Ashley: Thank you. That definitely makes sense!


Me: Sometimes, I'll sit and realize within a few minutes that meditation just isn't gonna happen right now. No biggie, I'll come back to it.


Ashley: That's what's been happening.


Me: If you enjoy jogging or some crazy exercise, typically immediately following is ideal for meditation. Like run, then sit and meditate.


Me: Cause the egoic mind aka "place where thoughts originate" is tired allowing non-egoic mind aka "place where soul lives" to surface.


Ashley: I don't understand.


Ashley: You mean the mind is more quiet after those activities?


Me: From my life experience, yes. It may be different for you. Are you ever super chilled after some particular activity?


Ashley: Yes, after a bike ride. Lol.


Me: Okay that's perfect. Bike riding will be your gateway into not thinking. You could maybe ride to a nice tranquil place.


Me: Maybe find a shady tree to lean against comfortably, and just be. Don't try to meditate cause all meditation is, is not thinking, lol.


Me: Eventually, over time, your subconscious will be programmed to stop thinking the moment you even sit on a bike. You'll instantly be relaxed.


Me: My girlfriend is the same way, she rides a bike everyday to relax because she is able to stop thinking and just be on a bike : ) Need help meditating? I'm here for you! Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, or Pinterest.


With Love,